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Renaissance Chiropractic Center has been a fixture in Tacoma since the early 1980s. It was started by 2 brothers, Dr. Brian Long and Dr. Dennis Long, who began working together in the late 1970s and then building the office you know in 1980. The brothers believed in Chiropractic Care and passed that down to their children. Dr. Brian and his wife Sue have 6 children, 5 out of 6 work within wellness care- 4 of which are Chiropractors and 1 is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Dr. Dennis and his wife, Lynette, have 2 children, with Dr. Devin following in his father's footsteps. Drs. Devin, Doug and Mike took over their fathers practices after they retired.

Dr. Doug and Dr. Mike continue to build relationships with patients alongside their Associate Doctors, Licensed Massage Therapists and office staff year after year. They have worked very hard to keep the high standards their fathers instilled in them to be the best Chiropractors they can be. While the inside of the office has changed over the years, the core values have remained in tact, even in this every changing world around us. When coming to our office, we want you to feel like family, from our front desk staff, the back office staff, Massage Therapists, and Associate Doctors as well as the Drs. Long.

Dr. Doug and Dr. Mike work to ensure that the office Mission Statement is upheld within the office staff and with our patients.
"To provide my community with affordable, quality, family-oriented Chiropractic care. To love, give and serve out my abundance, promoting optimum health from above, down, inside & out." 

Douglas M. Long, DC        Michael V. Long, DC          Rodger D. Niemi, DC  

Mark A. Brandt, DC        Michael J.A. Longo, DC        Aaron P. Toler, DC

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