Dr. Aaron P. Toler

Dr. Toler

Dr. Toler has been in private practice for over 20 years before moving to Renaissance Chiropractic Center in July 2018. He graduated from Palmer West Chiropractic College in San Jose California in 1998. Dr. Toler chose to become a chiropractor after receiving chiropractic care for degenerative disc disease in his low back and a spine injury in 1989. The chiropractic care helped him recover from the spine injury and giving him the ability to walk again by restoring leg function and eliminating his back pain. His miracle turned into his mission to empower people to get healthy and stay healthy through Chiropractic care and a healthy lifestyle letting the natural wisdom of the body heal itself.  

Dr. Toler has been engaged as a rescue mission volunteer chiropractor for eight years and has been voted as one of the Top doctors in Chiropractic in the northwest by Seattle magazine and South Sound magazine. He has been a Chiropractic Philosophy forum captain and speaker for five years.  Dr. Toler was interviewed for the movie “Adjusted” and has spoken at healthy edge seminars on health and wellness. He is married with two beautiful daughters and two amazing grandchildren. In addition to family time he enjoys walking his three dogs and attending Bible College focused on healing ministry.

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